Ginger Holidays

2022 | THE END

Ah, the annual Butterfield Gingerbread Greetings. We’re happy to have made it through another year. We are missing David this holiday season. He is working at a dairy processing plant in Illinois, but we HOPE he was able to make a gingerbread house there—or at least enjoy some frosting and candy. 

The Joy of John

John had a challenging health year, with an eye bleed to add to his need for a new hip. And right before gingerbread night, he lost use of his right hand. (Nerve damage?) Which makes this house the most amazing house he has ever constructed.

The Nashville Ambassadors

Kayleigh and Matt (and their teeny-tiny dog, Tina) made the long road trip to the northeast to visit family. We’re thankful the weather cooperated! Both Matt and Kayleigh started new jobs this year: Matt is clerking for a TN Supreme Court Justice, and Kayleigh examines post-conviction cases.

Kayleigh’s A-frame is a blue-and-white winter fantasy and Matt’s dark, root-infested 2-story is a special Christmas nightmare. A perfect couple!

Copyright Lawsuit Averted

When Sean attached the ogre-green marzipan ears to his rooftop, the entire room breathed a sigh of relief to see he was actually creating “Shrej”… not the iconic green ogre. Whew, dodged a Dreamworks’ deposition! Sean also found a use for Jess’ leftover flooding frosting … creating a beautiful, ambiguous lawn blob.

The Detail Duo

Sarah—home for winter break from the University of Delaware—worked seamlessly with her childhood friend Michaela—on break from Providence College—in creating a traditional gingerbread cottage. Both girls took much better photos than this one, so if you follow them on any social media, you may have seen their artsy images.

Both girls are also training for a half-marathon in May.

Slip Sliding Away

When Jess positioned the flat house sections into their upright position, she discovered the ‘flood consistency’ frosting was not set and made Jess laugh as she spent most of the night trying to push confections back into place.  Jess celebrated her 20th anniversary at Communicators Group, and also picked up the most fun side job ever— a deli associate at Hannaford. Eliminating debt is fun!

The Game Changer

These Sugarbelle icing bottles were a great addition to our confectionary arsenal. (Hoping for sponsorship money.)

No, Reggie, No

Reggie had 2 massive lipomas removed that had been prohibiting his movements. Now, with all stitches out and incisions healed, he’s able to jump up on the desk and eat gingerbread houses.

The Other Dog

Pip is fine. 

Happy New Year!