Happy Holidays | 2023

It’s well into 2024, and that’s not one of our gingerbread creations in the banner above. Pretend time is fun, so let’s pretend this greeting  is “on time.”

The year 2023 went by SOOO QUICKLY but we did manage to squeeze in some time to do our annual Ginger Gala Event while Sarah, Kayleigh, and her husband Matt were home for the holidays.

And in the spirit of time moving quickly, we reconfigured our house templates so as to be faster to construct… as in almost no construction.  We introduced the year of Flat Gingers.

featuring Flat Flanley!

(Trying to avoid copyright infringement lawsuits.)

See if you can guess on which house Flat Flanley is flexing. (Admittedly, Sean’s might be a dead giveaway.)

David was in Illinois and not able to make a visit out for the holidays. So… don’t guess David. Well, you can, but you’ll be wrong.

Reggie and Pip are dogs and, without opposable thumbs,  really lack the skills to squeeze frosting tubes. So don’t guess Reggie or Pip.

Wishing you all a happy new year that doesn’t fall flat.